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Start An MSA Club or Community Today!

Clubs & communities can add unique and fun opportunities to your student life and being part of one can even be added to your co-curricular record. Read about current Clubs and Communities on Ignite News! If you want to start a new club or community, the steps on how to do so are outlined below.


Step 1 - Email Specialist

Contact the Clubs & Communities Specialist, Hibo Ahmed, by emailing to get started.


Step 2 - Learn The Policies

Get familiar with our policies by downloading the Clubs & Communities Policy (PDF, 137KB).


Step 3 - Complete Application

Once you have read through the Clubs and Communities Policy fill out the ratification form. If you are re-ratifying a Club or Community which existed previously fill out the re-ratification form.


Step 4 - Leadership Training

To better equip you as a Club & Community leader, leadership training will be provided.


Step 5 - Application Review

Your application will be reviewed by the MSA Clubs and Communities Team.


Step 6 - Approval Notice

Once the application review has been completed, a status update will then be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions


Question Answer
What is a club? A club is a student-organized group connecting on a shared interest. A club highlights a collective initiative, passion and/or activity. Common examples are a Photography Club, Anime Club, Cooking Club, Dance Club or Magic Club.
What is a community? A community is a student organized group built on a shared common identity, movement and/or goal. Often times a community is unified by representation and shared commonalities. Examples can be a Pride Community, Volunteer Community or a Spiritual Community.
Why should I join a club? Clubs are an excellent way to enhance your student experience. Clubs offer the following perks.
  • Become more involved with the MSA
  • Feel more connected to Mohawk
  • Networking opportunities
  • Develop and grow your skillsets
  • Learn something new
  • Make friends
  • Relieve stress
  • Explore your interests and passions
How do I join a club? Joining a club is easy, simply contact the Club President through your Mohawk email and express your interest in joining. From there the Club President will respond with next steps including how to get involved.
When can I join a club? At the MSA students are welcomed to join a club at any point in time. As a club member there are no stringent time commitments therefore you can work your club involvement into your student schedule. Should you want to take a more leadership role additional responsibilities may be explored.
What kind of club can I start? The options are endless, students can submit a Club Application Form for any topic they would find positively impactful. Such as an Esports Club, Anime Club, Dance Club, Magic Club, Nursing Club, Middle Eastern Club, Mindfulness Club, and much more. Note clubs are expected to adhere to the MSA Clubs Policy (PDF, 470KB), therefore clubs are to be a safe space and may not practice any forms of discrimination, harassment and/or violence.



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