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The big question...

‘What Are MSA Elections And What’s In It For Me?’

Elections happen once a year to solidify the MSA Board of Directors for the upcoming school year. There are four key phases in the election campaign; Nominations, Campaign, Voting, and Results.

Whether you’re running for a position or simply voting, MSA Elections are a great way to get involved, make your voice heard, and drive positive change for years to come.


Election Period Date
Nomination Period January 29 - February 9
All Candidates Meeting February 9
Campaigning February 24 - March 7
Voting March 5 - 7
Results March 8



Meet The Candidates

Before you vote, make sure you learn about the candidates who are running in this year's election and what they stand for!

Pedro Nemezio de Campos Silva

Running for: President

Hi everyone! My name is Pedro Nemezio de Campos Silva, I am an international student on my final semester at the Educational Support program at Fennell campus and I am running for the role of President of the MSA. I have been a Director at Large at the Mohawk Students’ Association for the past year. I am currently part of four committees (budget, advocacy, integrity and sustainability). I have also been as student representative on over a dozen appeal panels, either academic, integrity or behavioural. I have been very active during the student forums on different campuses. Also passed a proposal in October about our healthcare provider, StudentCare and psycho-educational evaluations.

I am counting on your vote of confidence. Pedro for President.

Thank You!

Aaron Lall

Running for: Director at Large

Hello, everyone. I'm Aaron Lall, an international student currently enrolled in the Biotechnology program at Fennel Campus, and I'm excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Director at Large.

While I identify as an introvert by nature, I'm determined to break out of my comfort zone. Today, I stand before you because I'm eager to push my boundaries and explore new horizons.

I firmly believe in the power of transformation. My aim is not just to lead but to serve, to bring value to our college community in every possible way. Together, let's create an inclusive space where every voice matters, every idea is welcomed, and every student feels empowered to enact change.

I humbly ask for your trust, your support, and your vote.


Adam Vransevic

Running for: Director at Large

Hello, my name is Adam Vranesevic and I'm running for Director at Large. I’ve always had a passion for being a student leader as I was President of my middle school and high school's student council. So, when I heard that MSA elections were happening, I knew I just had to try my luck a third time around. If I'm elected, I’ll be sure to listen to any Mohawk student who wants their opinions shared with the MSA. No matter who you are and what course you take, you deserve to be a part of the decision-making processes, and as director at large, I’ll be sure to make that happen. In short, I want to create a fun change at Mohawk and to make people come out of their shells and have a blast while learning here. That’s what makes life worthwhile. The memories we create and the friendships we've made. It's just a matter of do you want me to help make that happen.

Amit Sapkota

Running for: Director at Large

Hello everyone, my name is Amit Sapkota, 2nd semester Canadian Health Care Student at Mohawk IAHS Campus. I stand before you here today with deep sense of commitment and passion for our association. With the election approaching I am honoured to present myself as a candidate worthy of trust and confidence.

If I am elected as Director at Large, I promise to be relentless advocate for every student ensuring all voices to be heard in decision making. I will work to enhance student engagement foster a culture, empower every one of us academically socially and personally.

My vision extends beyond campus with commitment to build partnership with different organizations, bodies, clubs, and create opportunities.

In conclusion, I humbly ask your support and your vote, together let us write the next chapter that build the better future for all of us.

Empowering every voice, Building better tomorrow.


Aslam Alam Momin

Running for: Director at Large

Hello. My name is Aslam Momin.

As an international student from Nepal who practices Islam, I bring a unique perspective to the table, representing not just one, but many diverse communities within our student body. I firmly believe in the principles of inclusivity and equal rights for all. If elected, I will work tirelessly to address pressing issues faced by our communities and ensure that every student feels valued, respected, and supported on campus.

With your support, I am confident that together we can build a more inclusive and equitable campus for generations to come. My doors are and will always be open for my fellow peers/ friends/ students.


Bhavyjot Singh

Running for: Director at Large

Hello, fellow members. I am honored to announce my candidacy for the Director at Large position. I am Bhavjyot Singh a student of Mohawk Mississauga campus.

If elected, I aim to champion inclusivity, transparency, and innovation. My areas of interest rotate around fostering collaboration among diverse students, enhancing member engagement, and advocating for progressive initiatives that benefit us all. Whether it's strengthening voices of understated groups or leading projects for sustainable growth, I'm committed to serving with integrity and vision.

With your support, I aspire to bring fresh perspectives and tangible results to the table. Thank you for considering me as your next Director at Large. Together, let's build a brighter future for us all.


Diya Patel

Running for: Director at Large

Hello everyone,

I'm Diya Patel, a current student at Mohawk Fennel Campus, pursuing a Business Administration-Marketing. I'm running for Director-At-Large position and passionate about bringing positive changes to the Mohawk and ensuring that every voice is heard. I want to work on matters related to promoting student involvement, managing, and improving campus facilities, health and safety and community outreach. If elected as Director at Large, I will ensure that all voices are heard and improve the transparency and communication between students and college administration.


Emmanuel Olalekan Olakotan (ENERGY)

Running for: Director at Large

I am Emmanuel Olakotan (ENERGY). I am running for the position of MSA Director at large. I am passionate about seeing stronger MSA that will not only contribute to the Academics success of the Mohawk college students, but also MSA that will see to every student wellbeing, not just for now but for future years. Now it's time to choose our LEAD. It's time to channel our ENERGY toward POSITIVE CHANGE we want to see in Mohawk. This is why I'm running for the position of the MSA Director at large.

Vote me, to be your VOICE


Your VOICE matters

Your VOTE counts and Together we win!

Vote Emmanuel (ENERGY)


Francis Ray Bansil

Running for: Director at Large

I am Francis Ray Bansil and as a candidate running for Director At Large member, I am thrilled to build that strong connection between the students and the MSA. To be relevant and able to materialize your voices, I will give my level best to be your student representative in action and beyond words. This journey I am to embark is not easy, but with your support we can all make it remarkable and meaningful. Throughout my involvement at MSA I will be focusing on 3 things, aside from implementing existing programs and that would be, STUDENT EMPOWERMENT, STUDENT EXPERIENCE EQUITY and CAREER OPPORTUNITIES.

I believe in YOU, so believe in your VOTE, let’s make it happen TOGETHER!


Jay Choski

Running for: Director at Large

Hey Everyone, I am Jay Choksi. Freshman at Mohawk College in CST - Software Development. I seriously care about you, and that is the reason I am running for Director at Large in the upcoming MSA Elections.

To make college life exciting and academically strong you need help from your peers and for that, I want you guys to get involved, create clubs and bring advocacy to college communities by taking the support of MSA resources. I have many more interesting things planned up for the future with MSA and you guys.

Thanks for listening to me. I am Jay Choksi, catch you later


Jitsa Joy Kadambattuparambil

Running for: Director at Large

Hi, my name is Jitsa Joy and I am running for Director at Large in the 2024 MSA Elections. I am in the Canadian Healthcare program at the IAHS campus. If elected as Director at Large, I plan to advocate for mental health support services, sustainability initiatives, and diversity and inclusion programs, because I believe every student deserves access to resources that support their well-being and success. By voting for me, I will ensure your voices as Mohawk students are amplified.

Jiya Bhambri

Running for: Director at Large

Hey there!

I'm Jiya Bhambri, studying to be an Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant.

As Director at Large, my goal is to bring our organization closer together, encourage teamwork, and create opportunities for growth. Key Issues that I want to address once I become a Director at Large are Enhancing student engagement and involvement in campus activities, Improving mental health resources and support for students, Promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus.

Let's make a difference and have a blast doing it!


Pravash Pandey

Running for: Director at Large

Hello everyone! My name is Pravash Pandey, and I am a first-semester student in Global Management at Fennel Campus.

I am running for MSA Director at Large because I am deeply committed to making a positive impact on campus. If elected, my top priorities would be to advocate for increased student engagement, promote diversity and inclusion initiatives, and ensure that every student's voice is heard and valued. I believe in creating a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels empowered to thrive academically and personally.

They say one cannot enact change until positioned to do so, I am ready to be that change.

“Leading with Purpose, Serving with Passion: #VoteForPravashPandey”


Purnima Seghal

Running for: Director at Large

Hey there,

I’m Purnima Sehgal, I'm enrolled in the Early Childhood Education course at our Mohawk Mississauga campus. I’m stepping up for MSA Director because I’m truly passionate about creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all of us and, where we all can grow together.

As the Director at Large, I will listen to all your ideas and work hard to implement them so that we can make our campus a dream place we desire of, give me a chance to be the Director at Large.

Thank you.


Ranvir Singh

Running for: Director at Large

I'm Ranvir Singh, and I'm excited to run for Director of College Elections. If chosen, I will listen to the issues students are facing in their campuses. I'll bring fresh ideas to the table, like college student-support and engaging fun activities. I will make sure everyone's voice is heard and all are getting equal opportunities in campus. With your support, let's make our college life, more inclusive and fun.

Thanks for considering me. Let’s work together to make our college the best.


Rebecca Nurse

Running for: Director at Large

Hey everyone!

I’m Rebecca and I am running for director at large. I’m currently enrolled in the Health, Wellness, and Fitness program here at Fennell campus.

As Director at Large, I am hoping to help let the voices of students be heard. Starting college is already a hard transition for anyone and my goal is to help you have it a bit easier and be more intentional about your feedback and concerns. Empowering Diversity; Amplifying Voices.

Vote Rebecca Nurse for Director at Large.


Riya Riya

Running for: Director at Large

Hi, I'm Riya, a first-year Software Support student at Fennell Campus, and I'm excited to be running for the position of Director at Large on the Board of Directors.

If elected, I'll bring that same enthusiasm to the board, fostering inclusivity and collaboration.

Vote for me, and let's make positive changes together. I'll advocate for enhanced student support, innovative programs, and a community where everyone's voice is heard.

Make your vote count. Choose progress. Choose diversity. Choose Riya for Director at Large.


Sahil Bharathbhai Hirpara

Running for: Director at Large

Good day, everyone!

I'm Sahil Hirpara, currently in my 4th semester of the Computer System Technology: Software Development program. I'm stepping forward to run for the role of Director at Large with the MSA, fuelled by a vision we all share: a better Mohawk College for us all.

I stand before you, committed to not just listening but to act. To transform your concerns into our challenges, to ensure your voice doesn't just echo against walls, but brings about real change.

Your support, your voice, and your vote can make this vision a reality.

Thank you!


Sahil Sahil

Running for: Director at Large

Hello, fellow students! I'm Sahil, and I'm thrilled to be running for Director at Large.

I currently serve as a Student Ambassador at the Mississauga campus, acting as a bridge between students and college authorities. If elected as Director at Large, I will continue to be that bridge, ensuring that your voices are heard and your concerns are addressed. From advocating for better resources to fostering a more inclusive campus culture, I'm dedicated to representing your interests and making meaningful changes that benefit us all.

Your voice matters, and it will be heard.

Together, let's innovate, inspire, and make a lasting impact. Vote for me, and let's empower student success. Thank you.


Shrusti Yogesh Shimpee

Running for: Director at Large

Hey there!

I'm Shrusti Shimpee, a first-year student in the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistant program at IAHS campus, Mohawk College. I'm excited to be running for the MSA Director at Large position because I'm all about creating an inclusive campus where everyone feels supported and heard. I want to advocate for international students, prioritize mental well-being, and make sure every voice is celebrated. With my background in therapy studies and passion for diversity, I'm ready to make a real difference. Let's make Mohawk a place where every student can thrive!


Swapneil Lalani

Running for: Director at Large

Hello amigos,

I'm Neil, but I'm just a normal guy. I'm thrilled to be standing as a candidate for Director at Large for the M.S.A. If and when elected, I'm going to work tirelessly to ensure every student feels represented. I aim to create a college experience that's inclusive, vibrant, and responsive to your needs. So, let's get together, and shape a campus where every student thrives. I'm here for you, and with your vote, we can all be normal, unique but normal. Thank you!


Tanya Hsu

Running for: Director at Large

Hi there, my name is Tanya and I am a candidate for the director at large. I am a practical nursing student at Mohawk College, and it has always been a pleasure to be part in the big family. I have always been told that I'm a great listener, respectful person and I've been enjoying working with people and learn from them. My goal is to bring an enjoying, inclusive, and quality student life for every Mohawk College student. If you can align with my vision, please vote for Tanya. Thank you!

Varun Varun

Running for: Director at Large

Hello, I'm Varun. As a first-semester Practical Nursing student at IAHS McMaster, I've been through the ups and downs of college life, including deferrals and all the hurdles that come with it. I'm here to be your voice and tackle the issues we face together. From the disappoint of deferred enrolment to ongoing challenges like housing and placement, I get it.

I believe in unity and acting as a community. If you elect me, I'll work tirelessly to ensure every student feels supported and empowered. Your concerns are my top priority, and I'm dedicated to addressing them head-on. A vote for Varun is a vote for a brighter future for us all. Let's stand united and make a real difference.

William Holmes

Running for: Director at Large

Hey everyone! My name is William Holmes, and I am running for Director at Large here at Mohawk College. I am currently set to graduate from the 2 year Mechatronics program and am taking Project Management starting in September of this fall.

I am running because I want to help make the quality of life better for everyone who enters through these doors. We are all struggling with life essentials, and it shouldn't be that way. As your student representative, I will work behind the scenes to do what I can to make access to these things easier for us all.

If you speak up but feel like you haven’t been heard, vote for me, William Holmes, and I will amplify your voice!




Still have questions?

Check Out These FAQs


Question Answer
What are the requirements for running in MSA elections?
  • Must be eighteen (18) years of age before officially taking office 
  • Must be enrolled in a full-time student-activity-fee-paying program 
  • To qualify as a full-time student, you must be registered in 70% of the total program of study hours or 2/3 of the courses for a given semester 
  • Students with a documented disability, who have been identified through Accessible Learning Services as being eligible to take a reduced course load will be considered full-time 
  • Must maintain full-time status for the duration of the 2024 – 2025 academic year 
  • Must have an overall passing grade point average of at least 70% (will be verified by the registrar) 
  • Must have no current offences on their record, under the College’s Student Behaviour Policy and/or the MSA Code of Ethics  
  • Must not have any outstanding debts with the College or MSA 

If you need more clarification or would like more information on eligibility requirements, please contact

What are the time commitments for each position? I'm worried it might interfere with school...

 The time commitment as a Director at Large is up to 15 hours per month.

The hours are divided between monthly board meetings (4th Wednesday of every month from 5:30-8:30pm approximately), MSA committee meetings (1-2 hours per month approximately), Mohawk College committee meetings (1-2 hours per month approximately), and attending MSA and/or Mohawk College events as a representative (2-3 hours per month approximately) along with any other team meeting with your Board of Directors or engagement with the student body at large across the various Mohawk College campuses (4 hours per month approximately).

Please note, 3x per year the Board of Directors go on mandatory retreats (overnights, approximately 2-3 days) for team building, training and onboarding, and professional development. 

Can I run in elections if I'm graduating in 2024? Unfortunately, no. Students who are graduating in 2024 are not eligible to run for Director at Large as the position requires a student to maintain full-time status for the entire duration of the 2024-2025 academic term.
Are the positions paid?

Director at Large is paid through an honorarium. This is a payment made at the end of each semester in recognition of their service and contribution to the MSA, advocating on behalf of and representing all Mohawk College students.

For more information on honorariums, please click here.

Is there a cost to run in MSA elections? NO! There is no cost to run in MSA elections. We cover all poster printing costs, event costs, and will cover all other election expenses a candidate may have up to $100 per candidate.
How does campaigning work? Campaigning in an election is a fun and engaging process! All candidates who successfully complete and submit the nomination package by the deadline, who also meet all eligibility criteria, will be required to attend an “All Candidates Meeting.” This is where our Lead Returning Officer, along with a few of our current student leaders, discuss all things elections and campaigning! 
All candidates must submit a headshot and short bio so the student body knows who you are, what you are running for, and why you are running. You will be required to create a campaign poster and a campaign video explaining why you would be a good fit to hold office and why students should vote for you (don’t worry – our creative Communications Department is here to assist you if you have never done this before!). The MSA will also be hosting pre-voting events for the student body to get to know each of the candidates, but we also suggest that you actively engage with the students across the various campuses during the specified campaign period. 
Please note, there are specific rules for campaigning that will be discussed in detail at the “All Candidates Meeting.” Anyone found in violation of those rules will be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to disqualification by our Chief Returning Officer. 
Who can I contact if I have more questions about the available positions? You can contact our Lead Returning Officer (who is also our Governance & Advocacy Specialist) Melanie “Mel” Extance at:
Who can I contact if I have questions about elections and campaigning rules? You can contact our Lead Returning Officer or Chief Returning Officer for all questions relating to the elections process and campaign rules via email at:
I'm not sure I'm ready to run in the elections but I still want to be involved in the MSA and gain leadership skills... What can I do? You’re in luck! There are many ways to still get involved with the MSA and gain valuable leadership skills. For example, join or start a club or community or apply for one of our many student jobs with the MSA (did you know that we are the number one employer of students on campus? Plus, we pay well above minimum wage because we believe in a living wage for all!).  



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